Yes, there is a way to add notable volume and length to your thinning hair. Yes, it’s possible to tame your thick, stubborn hair. Also yes, you can enjoy a radical hair makeover without the need for a permanent commitment or any hair damage.No, it isn’t any sort of a magic trick or a false promise.

Then how is it possible?

By using weave hair extensions.

Choose the hair color, texture and length which perfectly matches your natural hair to make the transition invisible or make a radical contrast and explore a whole new look – with weave hair extensions options are limitless.

As the name suggests, weave hair extensions are applied by literally using thread and needle to weave the extensions strands onto the natural hair which has been braided in cornrows as the first step of the process. Due to this, the technique includes no heat nor any adhesives which could damage your hair at any time, which makes it among the safest techniques available. That is why it has been widely popular ever since the Ancient Egyptian period from roughly 3400 BC.

Speaking of time, the extensions will safely stay in place for as long as you’d like them to. However, it’s recommended to remove your weave extensions every three months and let your natural hair and scalp get some rest in between these sessions.

So, whether you’d like a makeover for a specific event or a period or wish to experiment with a new style while still keeping your natural hair intact – weave hair extensions might be the solution you’ve been looking for. They can be entirely personalized to give you just the look you want.

Last but not the least, the treatment requires no special preparation or maintenance to keep your hair looking amazing.

How do I take care of my weave hair extensions?

Since weave hair extensions don’t use any special kind of adhesives, the care needed to properly maintain them happy and looking amazing is rather the same as for natural hair. All the general advice about good hair practices apply to weave hair extensions as well.

Maintain hygiene

First, regular washing goes without saying, though it’s important to refrain from circular rubbing motions to avoid tangling, matting or frizzing your hair. Good idea is also to dilute shampoo with some water to make it easier to rinse off. Using an application bottle with a narrow, flat tip might help you apply both shampoo and conditioner.

However, avoid going to bed with wet hair whenever possible. The dampness makes the strands swell up and entangle more easily. Besides, sleeping on a wet pillow is not just unpleasant but can cause issues with your ears and neck.

Moreover, be extra careful when brushing your hair. To avoid tangling and pulling on your extensions, always start from the tips and then slowly work your way upwards towards the roots. Also, avoid pulling too hard to protect both your hair and your extensions.

Apply nurturing products

Scalp dryness is another common issue that can cause various unpleasantries. Moisturizing the scalp, nave and weave edges thoroughly will keep your hair and extensions fresh and healthy. In addition to masks and conditioners, various natural oils may prove useful if applied in smaller amounts. Additionally, just like natural hair, weave extensions are also prone to negative effects of sulfates. So, to avoid brittleness and dehydration, always look for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.

Avoid heating tools

Regardless of whether you are styling natural hair or any kind of extensions, heating tools do inflict damage on your hair. Not only does the heat damage strands in their length and inflict hair dryness and split ends, but it also causes scalp dehydration and cuticles irritation which may result in hair brittleness, thinning and, in time, even loss. The similar effects also occur on hair extensions, which is why you should limit their exposure to hair dryers, straighteners and curlers as much as possible. Also, make sure you use heat protection products before applying heat, which will extend the lifetime of your extensions.

In summary, this oldest hair extension technique has been popular for some 5000 years because it is easy to maintain, gives marvelous results without fail and can be enjoyed for 3 months without inflicting any damage on your natural hair.

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