If you crave that incredible feeling of that bouncy, shiny, perfect hair that gives you confidence and glow in general – regular salon blow dry might be a right solution for you. Let’s find out!

Not sure what is a blow dry?

A blow dry is a hair styling treatment that you would commonly get at a salon. Your stylist will use professional blow dryer and hot air to shape your wet strands into beautiful, voluminized style.

Whether you just want to feel a little bit more special this week or you have a big party planned out, blow dry is the easiest way to achieve that effortless glam, and bring shine, volume and new dimension out of your hair.

Is the blow dry right thing for my hair type?

It doesn’t matter what type of hair do you have (unless it’s a pixie cut) – blow dry works on short, mid-lenght, curly, coily, long and basically every hair type if the hair stylist is skilled enough.

Desired look can be achieved quickly in just a few basic steps by adding volume and framing your face – it will without the doubt make a difference in your beauty routine.

However, be prepared to reserve at least 40 minutes of your time for a good blow dry! Especially if you have long, thick or extremely coily hair. Every section needs to get separated, layered and get proper styling until it’s smooth, bouncy or perfectly curled.

It will be worth it – we promise you. And it can last for days!

Blow Dry: 4 benefits that you probably didn’t know

In spite of popular opinion that blow drying is damaging, there are surprisingly many benefits too!

From actually improving your hair’s health in general, easy maintenance to saving time and money – here are the best four advantages of blow drying that you could ask for!

  1. Blow Drying reduces your risk of fungal and bacterial infections Some human beings are susceptible to sensitive, easily irritated scalps.If you leave your hair to air dry, it can result in bacterial or fungal infections because bacteria is more likely to grow as a result of moist surface. Also, air dried hair is more prone to developing dandruff and other types of scaly skin issues.

    Getting a regular blow dry at a salon can therefore help you to manage and prevent these conditions.

  2. Blow Drying improves hair condition and texture If your hair is extremely fine or thin, properly executed blow drying can enhance its volume and vivacity.Alternatively, in case your hair is thick and frizzy, blow drying could make your tresses extra manageable, and smoother, too.

    Using a hair dryer can even assist you to obtain softer, glossier, and straighter hair – without the use of a flat iron which can really damage your strands.

  3. Blow Drying makes hair styling so easy in the long run Regular blow drying appointments will actually make styling your hair an awful lot easier in the long run.It allows you to get smooth, sleek locks with ease – and you may change it into whatever style you prefer in a few simple steps.
  4. Professional Blow Dry can boost your confidence If you want to feel powerful and boost your confidence for the day – you should definitely make your appointment with us now and get that luscious hair which you often admire on social media.

Your mood will skyrocket!

Is frequent blow drying going to damage my hair?

While there’s a misconception that blow drying will damage our hair – the truth is that it’s actually worse to leave it to air dry.


Well, when you leave your hair to dry naturally, strands get oversaturated with moisture which leads to protein breakage inside the hair – that’s the main cause of the split ends.

However, if you don’t blow dry your hair cautiously you can seriously damage the surface of your hair.

Here are few tips which will help you::

-Never blow dry your hair without hair protectant, if you think your hair stylist haven’t applied it to your hair, tell them.
-Ensure that the blow dryer is set at a reasonable temperature.
-Don’t concentrate the heat too long on the same hair section because your scalp might get burned or irritated.

Once your scalp and folicles suffer from heat damage, your whole tresses are going to become vulnerable and weak.

Blow Dry: Five amazing styles to ask for

Not sure what type of blow dry you want to get?

These five options are the most common requests – and here in our gallery you can check out our work and find some inspiration.

  1. The classic blow dry
    This is the best solution if you don’t want to show off but you want to look polished and elegant without too much of a hassle. Just ask your hair stylist for sleek but bouncy blow dry with a little bit of volume and flicked ends.
  2. The beach waves blow dry
    This wavy look is kind a dreamy and romantic, perfect for girls who want a little bit of relaxed curl through the whole length of their tresses and a lot of volume. It is easy to maintain and your hair will look tousled and effortless.
  3. The straight blow dry
    Straight blow dry is definitely straightforward. It’s classic, practical and easily manageable for days after the salon visit.
  4. The Hollywood blow dry
    Special night out? We got you! Hollywood blow dry will give your tresses a spoonful of red carpet glamour. Silky smooth waves are always the right choice, especially for rare occasions and extravagant first dates.
  5. Bouncy curls blow dry
    Two words – dramatic and sexy. Champion among blow dry styles, bouncy curls are a show-stopper. You can rock this gravity defying style anytime and not look out of a place.

Tempted to try out one of these styles at our Three Degrees salon in Cork?

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