3Degrees Luxury Hair Extensions

3Degrees Luxury Hair Extensions

3Degrees luxury hair extensions has been something we have wanted to create from the start of our business 15years ago.

We have a passion for hair extensions and wanted to bring that passion alive.

We want people to have Dream Hair and create a Dream brand.

We really wanted this brand to be as luxurious as possible and a reflection of our business and branding.

We have spent a long time sourcing the best quality hair to meet our vision for this brand.

The 3Degrees Luxury Hair Extension Difference

The 3Degrees Luxury Hair Extension Difference

  • When you shop at 3Degrees, you can be assured you are investing in luxury human hair extensions trusted by top extension specialists.
  • All our hair is made from the highest quality 100% human Remy cuticle hair.
  • We follow all our hair closely through the manufacturing process to ensure each pack meets our high-quality standards.
  • We offer in-store pickup and next-day delivery so you can get your shipments quickly.
  • Free colour matching! We look good when you look good. let’s help you find the perfect blend by emailing or Instagramming us a target photo. we will get right back to you with images of hand-selected colours which we think would be perfect, or just pop in store to us and we can do it in person. The choice is yours!

3Degrees Luxury Hair Extensions have over
26 colours Available on the Colour Ring

3Degrees Luxury Hair Extensions have over 26 colours Available on the Colour Ring

With years of expertise and thorough research, we’ve crafted these colours to help everyday individuals achieve their dream hair.

Our selection includes both solid tones and more intricate rooted, balayage, and piano shades. These colours and techniques can easily be blended to create your unique look. The hues are incredibly dreamy, and their names are truly inviting.

3 Types of Extensions in our Range

3 Types of Extensions in our Range

3D K-tips

3D K-tips are the highest-quality keratin tips on the market. Keratin is a natural protein found in hair.

3D K-tips are installed strand by strand for a completely customised look using a heating element which safely melts the keratin to the hair.

When our high-quality keratin is fused to the hair the keratin formula is barely visible and extremely durable.

  • They are flexible and comfortable to wear.
  • 3D k-tips are custom sized which is unique to 3Degrees Luxury Hair extensions.
  • 1 gram per strand
  • 50 grams per pack
  • 100% cuticle-aligned professional
  • Remy hair
  • Can be mixed with any other method
  • Lifespan 4-6 months
  • Average full head 2-3 packs
  • Double Drawn

3D Gold Weft

3D Gold Weft are expertly designed with 3 layers of machine wefts giving you maximum fullness for high-impact transformations.

  • Ideal for coarse or thick hair
  • Lays flat on the head and is Comfortable to wear
  • Sewn into the hair no heat or glue required
  • 20”-150g
  • 22”-170g
  • Width 31 inches
  • 100% virgin cuticle-aligned professional Remy hair
  • Lifespan- 6-12 months

3D genius wefts

3D Genius Weft

3D genius wefts are the newest and thinnest cuttable weft on the market.

  • They lay against the scalp seamlessly and comfortably
  • It is designed to maximise length and volume.
  • An advantage is colours can be mixed
  • Ideal for finer hair and anyone looking to add volume
  • Sewn into hair no heat or glue required
  • 50gram per pack
  • 100% virgin cuticle-aligned professional Remy hair
  • Average full head 2-3 packs

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  • Always have an in-depth consultation with a certified hair extensionist. They will guide you to find the best extension type for you and colour match professionally.
  • Hair extensions require styling to blend with your natural hair. Please be prepared for that responsibility when making the decision to get hair extensions. This may consist of round brushing, flat ironing and or curling the hair along with your natural hair to create a seamless blend.
  • Never sleep with wet hair
  • Hair extensions should always be installed by a licenced and certified hair extension stylist.
  • 3Degrees luxury hair extensions have superior qualified extensionists to create your dream hair and have no control over results outside their premises.3Degrees luxury hair extensions makes no promises to results outside their premises.
  • We do not recommend colouring hair extensions. Any colouring you do is at your own risk. Colouring hair extensions voids all warranties.
  • If you are looking to get hair extensions home care products are essential and will need to be purchased in the salon.
  • Oily-haired clients may need to cut down on washing hair as hair extensions should only be washed 1-2 times per week. We highly recommend dry shampoo on your own natural hair in between washing.
  • Discoloured hair is usually from mineral deposits. A light green tone would usually be from chlorine. peach hair is usually from fake tan, make-up, sunscreen & flat ironing without heat protection and worn-out iron plates. Lighter shades are more subject to discolouration. Do not swim in chlorinated or sea water if you want your extensions to last longer.
  • Light shedding is normal with all hair extensions.
  • Avoid contact between Hot irons & 3D K-Tips as it will melt the bond resulting in losing the bond.
  • Natural fade on hair extensions is bound to happen just as it does with our natural hair. Everything that happens with natural hair will happen with hair extensions. things that can expedite this could be the environment (sun/saltwater/beach days ), also minerals in your water and not using salon-grade shampoo advised by your extensionist. Too much heat can also cause this. You can talk to our professional extensionists about how we solve this!
  • Brush regularly throughout the day, from the ends upwards
  • Keep the use of heat styling tools to a minimum
  • Use a gentle sulfate free shampoo & conditioner
  • Loosely braid your extensions before bed
  • Never go to bed with wet hair extensions
  • Always use heat protection spray before styling
  • Wash hair a max of 2-3 times per week & rinse thoroughly
  • Use a conditioning treatment once per week
  • Attend maintenance sessions every 6-8 weeks

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