Do you, like so many others, want to add more length and volume to your hair? 

Regardless of the current length, texture, style or shape of your hair, chances are you are interested in the ways to make your hair fuller and its volume richer.

The answer you are looking for are hair extensions. In addition to providing just those effects, another significant reason behind their vast popularity is the ability to completely customize the color of your hair extensions. What that means is that you can not only entirely match the color to your natural hair but also create highlights or lowlights which further create the effect of rich texture and volume of your hair style.

Each of the roughly 100 1g-extensions which are usually needed for a full head are hand-applied individually, one strand of hair at the time, leaving the content clients with an undetectable blend of their natural hair and the extensions for a natural look. 

What kind of hair extensions are there?

As expected given their popularity, there are numerous kinds of hair extensions available on the market. The main distinction between them is the method of their application, so therefore we differentiate between pre-bonded, micro bead, beauty works, weave, and tape-in hair extensions. 

Pre-bonded hair extension

Named after the fact that the hairs are bonded into 1g strands using keratin glue, this is the oldest and widest type of hair extensions which remains to be popular through ages. 

There are several subtypes, differing by the self-describing types of tips and bonds used to fixate them: I- or nano tip (like I, just super fine), flat tip, micro or nano ring – all of which are attached by looping the natural hair through the tip in one way or another and avoiding adhesive tapes, fusion methods, or hot glues.

However, unlike the above-mentioned, there is also fusion-bonded type which use heat of specific temperature and tools as the main means to adhere the extensions to the natural hair. Based on the shape of their tip, we differentiate between U-tip or nail tips.


Similar to pre-bonded hair extensions, the tips of microbeads are also bound together by keratin glue. However, what makes them unique is the use of tiny beads which hold the tip of the extension and connect it to the natural hair. The beads are then flattened to avoid them being noticeable.


Named by the application technique, these extensions are sewn directly into the client’s hair. To ensure the longevity of the look, the hair is previously braided into cornrows or tracks. Weaves can be applied in sections or on the entire head.


Mostly recommended for thin and fragile hair, tape-on strands are somewhat larger than previously described types and weigh up to 3g. They are attached to the scalp using a special sticky tape placed between layers of natural hair for the subtle blend.

Will hair extensions damage my natural hair?

Letting trusted hands of trained professionals apply your hair extensions will not only minimize the risks of damaging your natural hair but also ensure you get exactly the look you desired. In addition to that, our specialists here at 3 Degrees Hair Design will also provide you with all the information, tips and tricks for caring for your new and improved hair so you may enjoy it as long as possible. Depending on the natural growth rate of your hair, the procedure needs to be repeated every 8 to 12 weeks to maintain the desired look. 

How do I care for my hair extensions? 

And speaking of care, another great thing about hair extensions is that they require no special maintenance. Regardless of their type, the main thing is to wash them properly and make sure not to apply conditioners or other moisturizing products directly on the seams but rather start mid-length. Also, like with natural hair, it’s good to avoid chlorine, not to pull or tug it and to tie it back during physical activity.

Additionally, if your hair extensions are fusion based, it would be advisable to avoid hot drying, straighteners or curlers for the risk of melting the keratin top and loosing the strands.

What kind of hair extensions can I get in Cork?

If you are interested in learning more about different varieties of hair extensions available in Cork, contact us at 3 Degrees Hair Design or call us on (021) 421 2585 to book your consultation. We will provide you with all the necessary information regarding which type might be the best fit for you as well as the hair extension prices in Cork.