Nowadays, there is vast number of different hair extension options and alternatives at the market, making you wonder which bundle to pick out for your hair transformation. However, the harsh truth is that many hair extensions will irrevocably damage your hair along the way – making it almost impossible to work with. But worry not, we have a solution – Great Lengths hair extensions!

All ladies know how does it feel to have extremely fine, thin hair, which is prone to breakage and can’t grow past a certain point, or can’t be easily styled. What you desire can’t be achieved with haircuts, coloring or different styles – you need are Great Lengths hair extensions.

Great Lengths hair extensions are the highest quality that you can afford for your hair.


Great Lengths extensions:

  • have 20 years of tradition on the market
  • are worldwide supplier 
  • provide pre-bonded 100% human hair 

Thanks to them, in only few hours at the salon, you can have the hair that you always wanted – long, thick, full of volume.

What makes Great Lengths hair extensions even more special is the fact that they are bonded on your very own hair with keratin bonds.

Read on to find our why is that so important for the health of your hair!

What is the difference between regular and Great Lengths hair extensions?

This is where it becomes interesting – The Great Lengths hair extensions are particularily designed to mimic the molecular structure of human hair.

What does that mean?

Basically, unlike other hair extensions, GL extensions have ability shrink and expand – in the same way like your natural hair.

Bonds that don’t have such characteristic will quickly start to fall out of the extensions and in the long run slide off the hair completely.

That is one of the main reasons why Great Lengths hair extensions is miles ahead its competitors. Because of this amazing perk (ground breaking technology) your hair won’t suffer any of the usual damage that comes with wearing hair extensions and your hair will grow unhindered.

Can I brush my hair with Great Lengths hair extensions?

You may be surprised to find out that with GL extensions, you can brush your hair normally from the roots to the ends with the little help from the Great Lengths hairbrush line.

These hairbrushes are designed specifically for the hair with extensions so that pulling won’t pull or tear the bonds and they are made with a combination of natural and plastic fibres.

That will help you to think of your extensions as the natural part of you and not like the foreign object.

How long do Great Lengths hair extensions last?

This answer actually depends on vast number of factors but we will list below ones that are the most common:

  • general condition of the customer’s hair and hair growth
  • their lifestyle (weather, hairstyle)
  • what was the goal of the extension application (length, volume, were the partial or full bonds installed)
  • does the client follow recommended maintenance routine and correct products

While a number of those factors are out of your control, the last one isn’t – hair maintenance.

However, if we are talking in general – recommendations for the Great Lengths hair extension removal are these:

  • final removal of pre-bonded extensions every 4-6 months
  • removal of GL Tape systems every 6-8 weeks

In the next paragraph you can find out some tips for taking the best care of your extensions, which will help them to maintain their original shape and placement for the longer period of time.

How many bundles of Great Lengths hair extensions do I need?

First, we have to take into account your hair condition as well as hair length and thickness.

This is what professionals from Great Lengths recommend on their official website:

“An average full Length application requires anywhere from 3-5+ bundles; depending on your own hair and desired length and thickness. However, if only Volume or texture is desired we suggest 1-2 bundles.”
Whatever length or colour you choose you can be sure to leave our 3degrees hair salon in Cork looking absolutely stunning.

Are Great Lengths extensions good for your hair?

One of the most common questions is “Are Great Lengths hair extensions ruin my hair or lead to a hair loss?”
Short answer is: No, it won’t.

The foremost motive of hair breakage in inferior hair extension structures are because of wax, metallic or different difficult compound hair extension bonds that don’t flex while the hair is wet.

As we have previously mentioned, Great Lengths keratin bonds mimic your natural hair’s structure by expanding and contracting with your hair shaft – that means that your hair doesn’t suffer from the strain. The bond itself is really small and light weight that you can’t really see it unless you know it’s there.

However, professional application is vital for preventing hair damage. If applied minding all the steps prescribed by a certified Great Lengths professional your extensions should be flawless and totally safe for your strands, no matter how fine or thin your hair is.

Moreover, it is known that all GL certified stylists have to go through rigorous training process in order to obtain their license and learn how to do keratin bonding process like an expert.

5 tips for taking care of your Great Lengths hair extensions

After you have gotten your extensions, you have to follow a correct aftercare in order to keep your hair healthy and voluminous.

Here are the top 5 favorite professional tips for taking care of your gorgeous Great Lengths extensions:

  1. Brushing your hair from top to bottom everyday using the Great Lengths specialized bruhes for extensions.
  2. Avoiding circular motions while you’re washing your locks (that will prevent tangling)
  3. Putting your hair in preventive styles while you’re sleeping: braiding or loose ponytail
  4. Avoid salty or chlorinated water because it can cause damage to the natural hair extensions
  5. Don’t expose your hair to too much heat (curling irons, hair dryers)

Not too complicated? We agree!

Now, all you have to do in order to obtain your dream hair is to book your appointment with our certified Great Lengths hair extension stylist in Cork!