Multiple are the reasons why the Beauty Works hair extensions are so extremely beloved by satisfied customers all over the world. The simplicity of their application, the amazingness of the personalized look they provide, the longevity of the effects, and the easiness of their maintenance are just some among many. All this is exactly why our professional team here at 3 Degrees decided to provide you an option to get your Beauty Works hair extensions in Cork.

Recognized by the beauty industry as the best, not only have the Beauty Works hair extensions been awarded “Best Hair Extensions” by prestigious Look Magazine but also crowned at the Marie Claire Hair Awards as well as the Hair Awards. Notable is to mention that out of the then years that they have been present at the market, they have been honored by this award for nine consecutive years.

What are the effects of the beauty Works hair extensions?

Since they are available in a large variety of sizes, lengths, colors and textures, Beauty Works extensions are able to cater to any style or look imaginable. Additionally, once they have been put in place, it is possible to further adapt them to a uniquely personalized look completely aligned with your wishes. So, whether you’re looking for a radical makeover or would simply like to add more length and volume to your current look, Beauty Works is your perfect answer.

How do the Beauty Works hair extensions work?

Beauty Works are a type of tape hair extensions, meaning they have been pre-bonded into strands for easier application and longer endurance. They are applied through simply taping them horizontally between the strands of natural hair without inflicting any damage to it. Since special attention is paid in the process of their bonding, all the cuticles of the extensions face the same way which results in silky, healthy-looking hair with less tangling.

How long do they last?

Beauty Works hair extensions can be worn for 3 months without any professional maintenance. After that time the natural hair surrounding the extensions will have grown out too much to keep the extensions in place securely. However, that is not to say that they have to be removed entirely. In fact, with proper care, Beauty Works extensions are reusable for a long time, and they only need to be repositioned back to the scalp and the roots of the natural hair. That also makes for a significant financial advantage over other type of extensions. If you’d like to learn more about hair extensions price in Cork, feel free to contact us.

How to care for Beauty Works hair extensions?

Since the adhesive used to secure them in place is tape, Beauty Works require no special aftercare other than some gentleness and moisturizing.

Wash them as often as you would your natural hair (2-3 times per week) and use sulfate-free shampoos to avoid dehydration and brittleness. Additional tip is to always brush your hair prior to washing it and do it at the ends first to avoid both breaking your hair and pulling on the extensions excessively. Also, brush your scalp thoroughly two times a week to clean and massage it and promote healthy blood flow.

When it comes to conditioning and masks, always apply them merely on the ends. Not only will this make your hair clean longer, it is also good not to get this kind of product on the type that is holding the extensions since they might weaken the adhesive.

For similar reasons, avoid applying heat directly over the root of the Beauty Works extensions and make sure you use heat protection products prior to drying, blowing-out, straightening or curling your hair.

To maximally avoid tangling, braid your hair before going to bed or enjoying physical activities to limit hair movements and never go to bed with wet hair. Additionally, avoid head inversion positions, like washing your hair over a bath or drying it upside down since that causes tangling and might slightly displace your extensions.

In addition to regular washing, proper hydration is important to keep your hair (and extensions) healthy, silky and shiny. For maximum effects, we recommend using official Beauty Works products to get the most out of your extensions.

How to style your Beauty Works hair extensions?

For the first few days after the treatment, it’s advisable to avoid tight updos and ponytails so that the tape can attach itself better to the scalp. After that, it is entirely up to you! Curly or straight, loose or special hairdos, keeping the color or changing it – it’s only the matter of your personal style.

If you’d like more information about getting Beauty Works hair extensions in Cork or ideas about how to style them following the latest fashion trends for 2022, don’t hesitate to contact us at 3 degrees!